On Gratitude

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After an amazing and wonderful day with my oldest kid, I am aware of a profound sense of gratitude.  I am grateful for the experience of being alive in a time when I can express an opinion and have so many like-minded thinkers communicate their responses to my thoughts.  I am pleased WordPress gave me this unexpected and amazing opportunity to be included in Freshly Pressed.  I am encouraged to think there are so many of us out here who care about kids and how they grow.  I love the way our ideas spill over one another in the blogosphere and in the classroom until we are filled with the inspiration of shared creation.  When we collaborate with enthusiasm, we can no longer make room for mundane, petty and guilty thoughts. Our joy in the moment of shared creation takes up all the space.  I am thankful to everyone who has been reading my posts.  I’ll check in tomorrow.

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