Modern Holiday!

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Hi Friend! While you are waiting on my Monday post (Episode 26 is an interview with my talented friend, Frank Gallagher) I have a holiday song for you:

I wrote Modern Holiday a few years ago and shared it with friends and family. Now, that includes you!

It’s snowing in the Northern Neck today.  And I am wearing my comfy pajama pants. It feels like Christmas in our little cottage and I love it!

My song, Modern Holiday, has that friendly laid back vibe I cherish. It pairs nicely with online shopping while listening to carols on the Internet. We microwave popcorn and watch Netflix movies projected on the wall in the front room while snow flakes softly land on the lawn. The only thing missing is a fireplace. But since it’s a modern holiday, we can put a fireplace scene on the laptop screen and turn the space heater on low near our tootsies.

I hope you all have a season filled with love and laughter. Connect with a friend or deliver a plate of cookies to a neighbor who might be feeling the holiday blues. If that’s you, reach out to friends, family, online support, a community you feel drawn to… we weren’t meant to spend all our time alone.

On the other hand, if you are blissfully savoring that cup of cinnamon tea while enjoying your own company, I hope you’ll listen to A Modern Holiday. And know that your personal holiday traditions are just as precious (probably more so) than the movie versions. You don’t need decorations or tight schedules to enjoy this time of year. You just need whatever makes you feel at peace.

After talking with my daughter about her and her partner’s wonderful experience at their first Shabbat last night, I know that the season isn’t just for Christians. It’s a glorious modern holiday season for everyone who seeks community, peace, and joy.

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