Episode 16 – Local Theatre Training with George Nelson

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There is an opinion held by many that a degree in theatre is not useful. If you ended up with a business degree instead, local theatre offers a training ground. For people hungry for the experience offered through college programs, there are good reasons to get a theatre degree.

Just like science and engineering programs, a College of Drama offers access to resources not generally available to working artists. Local theatres may not have the funding many universities do. A college theatre student is expected to learn about more than stage acting. Students learn to use industrial sewing machines. They have access to practice rooms with pianos, and performance spaces with ready audiences. Students hang lights from catwalks, work with mixers and light boards, use power tools, and build and paint big sets. They get to work with vocal and acting coaches, and well-known directors. They study dance and stage combat. And some even have circus performance training. If you think that’s a waste of time, you may be reading the wrong blog.

Performing artists are modern storytellers and storytellers are the keepers of culture. Without them, our cultures crumble and disappear. In communities all over the world, local theatres offer a place where storytellers can get a solid start.

George in the Theatre
George is in the House

Episode 16 features the coolest guy on the planet, my husband, George Nelson. George and I talk about getting performing arts experience in local theatre. We mention Hank the Cowdog, Heller Theatre, and community theatre in general. The links in this blog allow you to dive a little deeper.

Hank the Cowdog Performed Live as a Radio Play in a TRM (a professional local theatre)
George Nelson in Hank the Cowdog

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