Good Teacher Gone Bad

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I am recommending an entry I read today on Huffington Post. I am totally on board with the Timothy D. Slekar. As both a parent and a teacher I understand the frustratio­n of teachers who have the life and learning sucked out of their classes. It’s no fun to teach uninspirin­g material. Many teachers were drawn to the profession not for their love of the status quo but for the excitement of the Aha Moment! If we have that taken away, both teachers and students will burn out and on a large enough scale this can lead to more sinister outcomes. Thanks for your post. DEEP BREATH and… BLOG!
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  1. Puh-lease … do not get me started! This writer so eloquently summarizes so much that’s wrong on so many levels. When are we going to WISE up and take the legislators out of the role of telling teachers how to teach??!! We need a little more “subversive activity” … no … we need a lot of it. Our kids lives and our future depends on it.

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