Episode 21 – Let Music Lead You with Jeremy Stevens

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Episode 21 lands on the Interwebs the day before Halloween 2017. No tricks, but I do have a treat for you. Check out this really great interview with the incredibly versatile and talented music guru Jeremy Stevens.

Pianist, Music Director, and Teacher Jeremy Stevens
The Versatile and Talented Jeremy Stevens

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Episode 21 of SallyPAL features Tulsa pianist, choral conductor, teacher, and actor Jeremy Stevens. During the podcast, Jeremy shares the Rachel’s Challenge list.

Named for Rachel Joy Scott, the first person killed in the Columbine High School shooting in 1999, the list of actions called, “Rachel’s Challenge” is based on her personal writings. The program that grew from the list works with schools to reduce harassment, bullying, and violence.

Concise Advice from the Interview is a short version of tips from my guest. Today I have 5 great bits of advice from musician, Jeremy Stevens:

5 Keep going even when things get tough.

4 A creative journey never fully stops.

3 Don’t hesitate to refine your path through questioning.

2 It’s okay for the musician to pause because the music continues.

And the number 1 piece of advice from choral conductor Jeremy Stevens? Find your passion and pursue it!

Next week you’ll hear an interview with spoken word artist and GWU student, David Kolo.

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