Episode 13 – Authentic Writer Voice with Sheila Black

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About Sally and the Performing Arts Lab

Authentic Writing
Episode 13 features an interview with Sheila Black. Sheila is a published poet and writing professor. She’s been teaching creative writing for over 20 years. While teaching, Sheila continues to practice her craft. This allows her to nurture new writers, and kick butt when necessary.

Teaching from the Heart
In fact, Sheila spends most of her time writing. She also spends time with her students in college classrooms and writing workshops. Sheila’s curriculum encourages students to write authentically and discover their voice. She also encourages her students to perform their own work. The feedback from a live audience promotes more authentic writing.

Writing from the Heart
If you’re in the Tulsa area, sign up for Sheila Black’s writing intensive: Writing from the Heart. This 5-week creative writing workshop encourages authentic expression. The workshop meets from 6-7:30pm every Thursday evening and starts September 21. To find out more, contact Sheila at semanticsblack@yahoo.com.

Bonus Material
After my conversation with Sheila, you’ll hear Concise Advice from the Interview. And if you wait until the end, you’ll hear Words of Wisdom from George. Stick around after the show for the flubs. They’re authentic. Now go create something brilliant!

Let Go and Let Godot
I am a writer, and most of my writing is written for performance. This is a type of writing that can be pretty scary. When I think about a room full of people listening to my words, it can get in the way of authentic expression. As a result, I might try writing to please an imaginary future audience.

Start Small
It helps to let go of my fear if I start small. Maybe I can start by reading aloud to myself. I can probably find a supportive friend who is willing to listen to a few pages. After that, I might even have a reading of the work with friends at my house. When I’ve gotten over pleasing other people, finally, I can get down to authentic writing. That is, writing from my heart and not from my ego or my brain. Save the editing for later. For now, sit down and write!

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